vendredi 3 février 2017

Work on the engine

I finally received the gaskets and assembled the pieces yesterday.

I'm applying a thin layer of 350°c rated red silicone for a perfect sealing.

New head cylinder gaskets

Air filter, cutted to the right dimensions and soaked with 2stroke oil to glue particles.

Admission pipe set in place

Piston and cylinder 

Gasket with thin layer of silicone

Very clean parts, assembled with a torque wrench

Mounted back on the moped

Exhaust gasket with silicone on the both sides

Perfect sealing. I do this cause I had leaks in the past.

The moped ! I oiled the chain, cleaned the rims/body and changed the gasoline filter, now I let the silicone dry overnight, I will try to use it tomorrow. The engine compression is really good.

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