dimanche 29 janvier 2017

How I fucked the engine myself

Hello there. The engine worked flawlessly for months, until a brass screw I used to fill the choke cable hole on the carb (the choke is useless for me) got sucked into the cylinder. The "screw" is an injector from a propane blowtorch, there was a brass filter inside, responsible for the engine destruction.

Some pictures :

At first I thought the compression loss was from a leak of the cylinder head gasket. I changed it with no difference.

Then I took a look at the cylinder and piston...

Totally fucked up. the bottom piston ring is even set!

The crushed brass filter I found inside the crankcase

which was originally inside the screw..

The cylinder/piston is no more usable, here's a new cylinder! Not brand new but in pretty good shape.
I have cleaned the crankcase with gasoline and turned the crank to help metallic particles to fall off.

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