samedi 28 janvier 2017

Some news of the Peugeot 103

Three years after launching this blog, I've forgot it a little bit. Time to give you some news of the moped ! I have made the decision to turn this blog to English, cause there's also moped overseas ;)

During the 3 last years, here's the list of the modifications :

I've removed the pedals/bicycle chain and added an aluminium pulley instead of the stock plastic one.

I changed the chain for a more beefy one (KMC size 420). (I took the picture today after cleaning it with gasoline)

I changed the throttles/handles and cables.

The shocks absorbers were dead, I changed them.

Changed the crankshaft and bearings

I tried to switch the light into LEDs (10w front/2w rear, can work but unfortunately the capacitors of the drivers blown up cause the voltage was too high. That was a simple setup with a diode bridge rectifier and 12v led drivers)

I have currently no light on the moped and I should fix it soon!

I also changed the exhaust pipe for a Polini custom from the 80's that I bought on leconcoin (Craig's list lookalike website) but unfortunately the exhaust cracked, I've soldered it, hope it will last this time. It's stored in a box, the moped currently have a stock exhaust.

The stock exhaust I currently use

Polini custom before cleaning

After cleaning !

The carbon chips I removed with blowtorch and mallet

I forged a custom mount

And then, after weeks using it the crack happened

I've removed the decompression valve and replaced it with a switch which turn off the ignition system. So no need to have a cylinder head with decompression valve, I bough a Malossi one without decompression valve.

The switch, located inside the toolbox

Some pictures of the moped and spare parts I changed years ago

After cleaning the moped body

Cleaned rims with fresh new tires and brakes

Brand new carburetor

Oil filter I use (cheap on eBay and have a magnet to collect the metallic dust inside)

 While I was cleaning the inside of the tank. It was quite rusty, treated with phosphoric acid.

Cleaning of the fork with gasoline, lubrified with 2 stroke oil. Not ideal but it works.

 And other stuff 

 B8HS NGK spark plug I use.

I tried a Doppler exhaust, oversize and ridiculous, too low. Not for me.

At the beach !

That's all, stay tuned :)

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  1. bonjour,
    je ne sais pas si vous avez toujours le polini custom... si oui, et si un jour vous souhaitez le vendre, sachez que je vous en offre 300 euros.
    voici mon mail :
    Bien cordialement.